Saturday, November 16, 2013

DIY: Mod-Podge

Mod-Podge is crazy expensive.  I was not about to pay close to $9 for a tiny bottle.  But its so easy to make, and once you do, you will NEVER buy it again. Ever.  

  • multi-purpose white glue (I used cheapo generic stuff, but Elmer's works too)
  • water
  • Glass jar (I used an old large salsa jar)
  • (thats it!!)
1.  Make sure your jar is clean.

2.  Pour the glue in almost half way up.

3.  Add the same amount of water as you did glue, making it a 50/50 solution.

4.  Shake it like a polaroid picture

5.  You're done!  Just make sure shake it before every use, even though it may not look like it needs it.