Sunday, October 12, 2014

Painting Washer/Dryer Pedestals

If anyone has looked at these pedestals, then you know they are crazy expensive!!  $250 each is an insane amount for drawers to raise your washer/dryer.  But anyone who hasn't bought them, knows that the height of the washer/dryer without them is super low.  I'd been sitting on the floor changing and folding my laundry.  We have the Samsung Merlot combo, which are hard to come by.  One day we went to Home Depot and they had the "Blue Silver" pedestal on clearance for $40 each.  $40!!!!  We scooped up two of them, because you cannot beat $80, compared to $500.  I asked around Home Depot, but no one seemed to know if I could paint them.  I searched the internet high and low trying to find out the same, there was nothing!   We decided to look at some paint chips, but later decided on spray paint.  We found a color that matched our "Merlot" almost exactly, it's called "Royal Garnet Satin"
We debated on whether or not to use a primer on the pedestals before spraying.  But since my Husband painted them while I was out of town, the primer didn't happen.  He used 1 can per pedestal.   We've thought of using a gloss over the top, since the spray was satin, but we decided against it.  Sure they aren't the same gloss as the combo, but to us, it doesn't matter.  The only place you can see that they look different is when you look into the laundry room from the family room.

For a little under $100, we love our new pedestals