Sunday, October 28, 2012

Yummy Chicken Cream cheese in the crockpot!

I found this recipe via Pinterest.  I decided to try it and give it my own spin!

the Recipe calls for the following:
- Bag of frozen Chicken Breast Tenderloins (2.5-3lb bag)
- 8 oz block of cream cheese (don't use Fat Free! 1/3 less fat or regular is fine)
- Can of Black Beans, drained & rinsed. (or Pinto Beans if you prefer)
- Can of Corn, drained.
- Can of Rotel

Differences in mine:
I used two Large frozen breasts, 1/3 less fat cream cheese, and half jar Hot Salsa (I didn't have any Rotel).  But otherwise I used the black beans and the corn.  

Put frozen chicken in the crock pot.
Put Cream cheese on top of the chicken.
Dump in the Black Beans (make sure they are drained & rinsed!!!)
Dump in the drained corn.
Dump in the Salsa.

Cover & cook in your Crock Pot on low for 6-8 hours.
I stirred it after 5 hours
You can shred the chicken when it is done, or just leave it as is.
This is what it looks like after 6 hours (shredded):

I served it on a 100% whole wheat tortilla with Cheese and spanish rice.  Hubby loved it!  I took photos, but must find them!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Niffty, Niffty, organizing my office...

My office is a disaster.  Plain and simple.  It always looks as if Hurricane Holly ripped through (yep, that's me!)  I hate my office to look cluttered.  Running a home business where I bring in clients and having them see my super messy office is embarrassing.

1.  I HATE how ugly my router and modem are in my office.  All those cords hanging around and looking mixed up.  I had seen this, so, I had an idea, why not hide them too!  I have had these orange Kassett boxes from Ikea for years and just never got around to putting stuff in them.  So here is what I did.  (sorry, I forgot to take step-by-step photos).

First up I took my handy dandy box cutter and cut two square holes out of the back of the box, and another square hole on the bottom of the box, so the modem sits on the dresser, not on the cardboard box.  I also cut the entire top off the box, since you can't see it anyway.  Having those extra holes is a MUST for ventilation.  I figured out the best way to do the cords and wrapped them all up inside the box, even my super long Ethernet cord!  Then I threw on the box lid.  So far, my husband, whose computer is upstairs on the other side of the house hasn't said anything about his wireless connection being slower.  SO I think we shall keep it like this!  It makes the top of my shelf look a ton better and  now I can add other boxes to the top of my shelf so it doesn't look so alone and out of place!

2.  I also decided I have these USB cords on the front of my desk that always fall down and try to get sucked into the vacuum!  Well, not anymore!  I used those big black binder clips on the keyboard drawer of my other desk to keep them off the ground!  Just pull them through to connect to the computer!  Super simple and pretty much free since Ive had those clips for years!  They were just collecting dust in my drawer.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fun with Rocks

I found this craft via Pinterest.  Rocks  So I thought I'd try it.  We did it prior to the new information about NOT putting rocks in the oven.  

I put two rocks in our oven on the warm setting.  I don't know how hot it gets, but it was enough to warm the rocks, so the crayons would melt.  It was fun while it lasted and he wanted to do more rocks until... He touched a rock.  I did it with our 3.5 year old, I don't know how many times I said "You Cannot touch the rocks"  He'd repeat, "No touching the rocks, I know Momma"  What does he do?  Touches the rock.  We had a little blister, he's fine, but didn't want to do anymore after that.