Friday, August 15, 2014

Bathroom Overhaul

New look to the Kids bathroom! 
I picked my color, Sweet Mustard (from Lowes). Its crazy bright, but I LOVE it! You cannot be depressed in this bathroom!! The reason I had to paint, was I took down the towel bar, after patching the holes, I had huge white spots. I'd wanted hooks for the kids, so CK can hang towels!! I moved the towel ring as well, down and over, it used to be over the plug. Then I got the wild hair and painted the cabinets. That bathroom is so small that I knew I didn't want to go darker. I'm so loving it!!

I still want to frame out the mirror and change the light fixture, but those are things I cannot do by myself.

Cabinets before.

Paint color before with new paint color

HJÄLMAREN Towel rack with 5 hooks from IKEA

As far as painting the cabinets.  It was SUUUPER easy!  I went into my local Lowes and talked to the best lady in the paint department.  She suggested Valspar Bonding Primer, for glossy surfaces.  OMG  so awesome!  No sanding needed!!  I did 2 coats of primer.  I used a large brush to paint it on.  I let it dry completely between coats.  

I painted the cabinets in "Betsy's Linen".  I did 4 coats of paint, because the grooves were so difficult to get into. I mostly used a foam roller, except I used a foam brush for the grooves.  

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